Who Can order
Who can place an order?

You! That is, if you’re 21, live within our delivery radius, and have an ID that’s verified when you place your order.

Who can Accept?
Who can accept a delivery?

You! And nobody else. Only the person who places the order can accept the delivery. Our Budzee drivers will card you, ever so politely.

Where we Serve!
What towns do you serve?

We’re expanding day by day to deliver to any towns in Massachusetts that allow cannabis delivery. Check our nifty zip-code finder on the homepage to see if we head your way.

Why do you have body where does the footage go
Why do you have body cameras, and where does the footage go?

It’s the law. But don’t worry, Budzee stores the footage on a secure server for 30 days, and then poof, deletes it. We only share it with the CCC or law enforcement upon their request.

Where Can I Receive
Where can I receive A delivery?

Gotta be a home. Not necessarily your home, but a residential address within our delivery radius. And again, you’ve gotta be there to accept the delivery.

Can I modify an order after it's placed
Can I modify an order after it's placed?

Of course you can! Change your order by giving us a ring at 866-420-6343 or emailing us at hi@budzee.com. Have your confirmation number in hand, pretty please.

Is delivery Discreet?
Is delivery discreet?

Our lips are sealed. Budzee’s professional drivers respect the heck out of your privacy, and they drive unmarked cars for an added boost of assurance.

How do I Pay ? $
What payment methods do you accept?

Debit cards or cash on delivery, baby!